Educational Programs

Is there an educational program that you would like RRTI to offer?

RRTI has provided timely and pertinent educational programs across New York State on a variety of topics.

Last year more than 1500 participants from community rehabilitation organizations and healthcare facilities benefited from RRTI’s educational opportunities.

Contact RRTI at (518) 449-2976 if you would like to request a program that has been offered by RRTI – or perhaps you have a new topic that RRTI can arrange.

Some of the topics of the RRTI educational programs have included:

  • Aging Issues – Working With Families
  • Autism
  • Board Governance
  • Business Continuity
  • Documentation
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Employment: Creating Customized Options
  • Ethics
  • Finance and Funding
  • Health and Wellness
  • Incident Investigation
  • Job Readiness (See Below)
  • Leadership/ Management 
  • Learning Styles and Teaching
  • Medicaid
  • MSC Training
  • OMRDD Core Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Youth Transition Services


Free Webinars

Addressing Risk in a Challenging Health Care Environment

Hear how early identification of emerging and often unrecognized health and safety issues can reduce medical complications including preventing preventable deaths in providing health care services to vulnerable populations.

The Fatal Five: Preventing Preventable Deaths in Community Settings

Learn how to manage the most common health risk factors that can cause sudden death.

Drugs and Disabilities: Let the Caregiver Beware

Persons with disabilities and the elderly are the most likely to be taking one or more of the ten most dangerous drugs, if not many of them. This webinar discusses information that clinicians, program and direct care staff, and administrators need to know about a few of the most commonly prescribed drugs.



Model Transition Program (MTP) Job Readiness Curriculum