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Model Transition Program-Instructor Guide

September 16, 2010

The MTP Instructor’s Guide is part of a Job Readiness kit that includes a curriculum, supplemental resources such as workbooks and media, and instructional tools. The curriculum in the kit consists of six modules, each based on a job readiness theme. The Instructor chooses the module to be taught by assessing the needs and interests of the students, and the amount of class time scheduled for the Job Readiness classes.

The Modules are: 1–Setting Goals, 2–The Job Hunt, 3–First Impressions, 4–Professionalism at Work, 5-Managing Work and Personal Life and 6–Confidence on the Job.

Each module contains at least 3 student activities; handouts; background information on the job readiness topic; Information on resources in the Job Readiness kit and how to use them; supplemental handouts; activities; and workbook pages; and an annotated list of additional resources available on-line and from educational organizations. The Instructor's Guide is available by downloading the pdf below.

Download a PDF